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Festival of Zsambek

The festival of Zsambék was born twenty years ago and since 1995, over invitating numberles productions of various companies from Hungary and East Europe, has become the producer of their own performances. Till today ZSSZB collaborated with artists from Serbia, Slovacchia, Ucraina, Moldavia, Albania, Mongolia, Italy, mainly from Romania. Over the invited and presented performances ZSSZB organizes concerts, workshops, exhibitions and convents for (but not only for) theatre professional. Amongst the outsanding collaborating personalities we can find name of Maia Morgensten, Beatrice Bleont, Liviu Pancu, Gelu Colceag, Mihail Maniutiu and Silviu Purcarete,. Important directors of the young genaration as like Attila Vidnyánszky, László Bocsárdi, Árpád Schilling and Balázs Simon are reguraly staging their important experimantal research works in Zsámbék.

The filosophy of Zsámbéki Színházi Bázis lays on two basic pillars/concepts: theatre “fuori le mure” -  theatre in a deputy space as the inspirative environments for the performances, and a thema around which a part of the events of each edition are revolving (eg “Medeia’s” in 2007, “Godot’s” in 2006, “.Hamlet’s from East Europe” in 2004,  “ Csehov’s Dream” -  in 2003, “the war” in 2002, “Antigone’s” in 2001, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream’s” in 1999). Thanks to the presence of all historical and archeological sites and monuments ZSSZB from the very begining privilaged the use of these spectacularies as utilized spaces of the performances. The inspiration of the spirit of these special sites is mesurable on the hereborned performances. ZSSB take in use on this occasion the antic roman camp, the french style gothic chatedral from 12th., the ruins of Turkish empire from the 16th., the baroque church and castell from the early 18th., the small german villages from the migrations of 18th and 19th. In 2002 finaly get in use the abandoned missile base of the hungarian air force. These special choiches and the rich flow of various events, gained fame and popularity for this festival as well at local as like national scale and nowadays is conciderated the more inovative and succesful festival of Hungary, morover the Charpatian bassin.

The Zsámbék Summer Theatre and Festival has continuously been cooperating with theaters in Romania, Ukrain, Russia, Poland, Jugoslavia, Slovakia, Moldavia and Mongolia. Every summer there are several invited foreign companies to be introduced to the Hungarian audience, or individual artists who are selected to take part in the creation of a new play, in the annual multinational cooperations.

In 2003/2004 our Festival was  the project leader in the European Cultura 2000 programe. We won 180 000 euro for the project. From this sponsorship we realized the performance Woyczek  written by Büchner called Private Pulcinella.
It was an italian – romanian and hungarian co-operation. After the first performance we were playing this in Italy and in Romania too.

We can offer some stages for this performance:
On the Base there are more different places for the shows. We have more stages on the Base. We can change the stages and the auditoriums. We can organise as you wish the lights and the other technics. You can decide which one to choose for your programe.

1.    open stage
-    there is an open stage in front of the gothic church from the 12. century. It is 10*10sm. It is mobil, and we can make it bigger
-    on the Base there are more open stages with mobil conditions
2.    closed stage
-    on the Base there is a hall ( 9m*52m) with 100 sm stage and auditorium. We can make it bigger too.
-    There is a big konference room where you can work

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